Telehealth care Industry: Reincarnation of Healthcare

The Corona Virus pandemic has changed the life we used to live. Things are not similar anymore. Several industries and companies have been drastically impacted. Companies and industries have been trying to cope up with various business models to sustain in this economy. Industries like Airlines, Restaurant, and hotels industry have suffered the most dueContinue reading “Telehealth care Industry: Reincarnation of Healthcare”

Wonder Women of India: Stories of Pride & Glory

A woman has always been glorified by feminists and enslaved by rest of the society but she has not been asked her wish ever. She neither wants to be worshiped like Goddess nor to be pitiful like the weakest creature who has to live on other’s mercy. Her only need is her “Fundamental Rights”; EqualityContinue reading “Wonder Women of India: Stories of Pride & Glory”

Musk’s Tweet cost $40 million to Tesla

Tesla, an automotive brand, manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) enlisted itself in the list of top most automakers within few years of its debut. Surprisingly, this Silicon-Valley based company became competitor to big fat companies like GM, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Though its last year’s sale of 101,312 cars was almost equal to the singleContinue reading “Musk’s Tweet cost $40 million to Tesla”

Income Inequality ? A Rising rage in India

Income inequality in India: Highest in 100 years. The famous French Economist Thomas Piketty shown in his recent research that Income inequality is at it’s highest in India. The top 1% of total Indian earn 22% of all income. Out of which top 0.01 % earn 4% of all income. Let us understand this inContinue reading “Income Inequality ? A Rising rage in India”


TATA STEEL, a well know steel maker in India. Looks like the business made a turnaround in recent times. Tata Steel Ltd.’s efforts to turn around its U.K. operations and a recovery back home are beginning to pay off. Fundamentals: Tata Steel is currently has the cheapest valuation among other steel makers like JSW Steel,Continue reading “TATA STEEL- A Good Bet!”