Government Bonds: A substitute for Bank FDs or not!!!

In India, maximum percentage of investors are risk averse. “Willing to invest, unwilling to take risk” is the proverb describing the nature of Indian investors. Naturally whenever we think of risk free investment options bank fixed deposits are given preference. But there are many other financial instruments which are safer than your bank FDs. Yes,Continue reading “Government Bonds: A substitute for Bank FDs or not!!!”

How to choose Mutual Fund?

Mutual Funds are perfect financial instruments for creating wealth only if we choose the right one. In India we have around 44 Asset Management Companies offering more than 9000 funds in various asset classes such as equity, Debt, gold, etc. Too many choices make it more confusing for common investors to pick up the exactContinue reading “How to choose Mutual Fund?”

Mutual Funds Decoded

In past 2-3 years we have seen huge growth in Indian Mutual Fund industry. In spite of being a cash rich country, Indians mostly chose to keep funds in banks rather than investments. But with strengthening of economy interest rates on Bank deposits have fallen, which created the urgent need of another investment vehicle. MutualContinue reading “Mutual Funds Decoded”

Investment Opportunities: A Beginner’s Guide

Investment is the only means of wealth creation but the usually investors get confused by multiple schemes available in the market. People often invest their hardened money in risky investment plans for higher returns and blame the investments for eroding their capital. So to start investing we need to focus on our desired returns andContinue reading “Investment Opportunities: A Beginner’s Guide”

Keys to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom in early 40’s, sounds like dream come true. Let’s accept the fact all of us want financial freedom in our life as soon as possible. But do we know the exact definition of Financial Freedom? It’s basically living life without doing any job, maintaining healthy & same standard of living. For an earningContinue reading “Keys to Financial Freedom”

Wonder Women of India: Stories of Pride & Glory

A woman has always been glorified by feminists and enslaved by rest of the society but she has not been asked her wish ever. She neither wants to be worshiped like Goddess nor to be pitiful like the weakest creature who has to live on other’s mercy. Her only need is her “Fundamental Rights”; EqualityContinue reading “Wonder Women of India: Stories of Pride & Glory”

The 3 Secrets of Getting Rich

From an eighteen years old youngster to a retired person all of us are seeking answer for the most mysterious question in the world “How to get rich?” Remember not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Studies show that 1% of world’s population holds more than 40% of the world’s wealth. Have you everContinue reading “The 3 Secrets of Getting Rich”

US Vs China, “Trade war between Super Economies”

  From the past few months we are getting daily updates that US is dumping taxes & duties on Chinese goods, on the other hand China is doing the same with US goods. Why there is trade war going in between two largest economies in the world. So, to explain let’s start with US. InContinue reading “US Vs China, “Trade war between Super Economies””