Wally: A simple way to manage your money

We don’t think once to spend money on anything or everything, admit it! We barely keep track of our monthly expenses. When we get our pay-check at the beginning of the month, without thinking twice we over spend at by the month end we are on debt and the important part is we don’t even remember on what product or services we spend our money. We all been going through this situation, but with advancement of technology and simple discipline we can easily overcome this situation. Things we need to keep track is after we received our pay-check, we note it down & they stared spending on our bills, essentials thereafter. We need to track our spending on a daily basis. Make a habit to note every spending in your day to day life, this will not only help you track your money but also you can save a lot. After you make a very good habit of tracking your money, next time you can see your notes that how much balance you left and how may days to go for next pay-check. This way you can lead a better life & as well as peace of mind. This is what we call “Spending Tracker”.

Now you can also argue that who has time in our busy schedule to note down every thing we spent daily, we have lot others work to do. But let me tell you some facts on a daily basis an average person stare on their phone screens for 4-6 hrs, So I hope you can manage few seconds here & there if you are really wanted to save some bit of money. There are many Spending tracker app you can find on App Store or Google Play store. But the app I would like to recommend is Wally. Its available on both Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Real simple to use & it’s a very minimalist app. Just put your amount & select the category your done, you can also review your monthly overview of your spending. Its present you with even pie chart format for better understanding. Some sample screenshot is given below. You can also visit our YouTube Channel to watch the full demo & usability of the Wally app.

Disclaimer: Recommendation of the app is not sponsored. This is my personal experience sharing with you all.

Android: https://apk.support/download-app/me.wallynext.android

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wally-smart-personal-finance/id1178011327

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Kqxw1J5oYJU


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